Art for Art’s Sake

We have been trading at the Mascal Centre for a whole year this month. While we are not actually hanging out the bunting and drinking a toast in champagne, we are glad to have made it through our first catering term.

One of the best things we inherited from the old café was the Ludlow Art Society’s Exhibition, who use one of our walls to house a semi permanent display.

These are all for sale and change every so often to keep interest going. There are some very talented artists among the collection, with a wide range of media and subject matter.

I have always been in awe of people who can produce something, beautiful, interesting or thought provoking with their hands. A favourite day out for us would be spent visiting  art galleries and collections of an artist’s work.

We also have a series of local photographs of the wild hill ponies up by the source of the river Teme, very evocative. I remember the day vividly. We were by a pool watching for dragonflies when the sun went in and they all disappeared. As we were about to leave my husband, Nick, noticed a string of ponies appearing over the brow of the hill. We stayed still and with bated breath watched as more and more appeared and came down to the pool to drink and play. It is an experience I shall never forget.

That is what art does for us, it transports us to another place, or gives us an insight into a different way of perceiving the world around us. They make a great point of contact with our customers, and the high and light interior shows them to advantage.

So, I can be listening to the sound of the tide breaking onto beached boats in a rocky Cornish cove, light bouncing off the water, the scream of gulls over head.

Or lose myself in an enchanted wood, where winter is barely over and these hot pre summer days are a spell that some welsh wizard has spun.

Or I can share the thermals in the air currents with the buzzards and hang suspended over the hills and fields of Shropshire.

Then I remember that there is an art to living as well, and that there is an art to cooking too. The thought and preparation that goes into producing the dishes needs concentration. The knowledge gained through experience of balancing combinations of flavours to make the food taste good.

Happy Birthday Pea Green Café! Come and celebrate life with us.



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