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Launch of new video

Check out our new website video on the homepage of:

It there to welcome and introduce visitors to the website and the services that Pea Green has to offer.

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This Week at Pea Green Cafe

On Tuesday 15th January our special will be available from 12 noon. Freshly cooked and flavoursome our hot lunches are great value, particularly during the colder weather forecast for later in the week. To reserve a table or arrange an evening home delivery our phone number is 07983 941856.

During the week we are delivering buffet lunches to local Ludlow businesses in Corve Street and at The Eco Park, The Cafe will on Thursday be serving lunch for delegates on a NHS run course on dietary awareness for people recently diagnosed with diabetes, if you or anyone you know would be interested in attending one of these in the future details are available at

This Week at Pea Green Cafe

Tuesday this week we have the following specials for you, whether you need a break from Christmas shopping, or are meeting up with friends & family or feel like a good meal out the following is in addition to our regular varied menu. Also available for home delivery, its easy to arrange just phone us on 07983 941856

During the rest of the week we are welcoming several regular customers who have booked our Christmas menu of roasted turkey and all the trimmings. On Thursday we have The Good Grief Cafe’s final meeting of 2018, (next year’s dates to be available soon)

The Mascall Centre closes from Thursday but Pea Green will still be open until Saturday. We are then having our annual holiday and will be re opening at 8 AM on the 8th January. So unless we are able to say it in person to you this week we hope you have a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year.

This week at Pea Green Cafe.

This week at Pea Green Cafe our “special” is displayed for you below. We are offering a choice of delicious savoury pancakes available for lunch in the cafe or for home delivery. To book a table or arrange a delivery phone us on  07983 941856.

During the coming week we are welcoming some local groups for their Christmas celebrations; The Ludlow Foyer, are having lunch, Shropshire Carers trust 4 all are having afternoon tea,  and Busybodies are having their after show party at the Cafe. Also the final meeting of the year for Probus who have meetings (and Pea Green’s refreshments!) twice monthly in the centre.


Sure as Eggs


In marble halls as white as milk, lined with a skin as soft as silk.
Within a fountain crystal clear, a golden apple doth appear.
No doors are there to this stronghold, yet thieves break in and steal the gold.
(Old English Riddle)


There is a very scruffy blue tit, peering into the café, swinging nonchalantly from a rose stem containing a few withers hips from last autumn. He is very busy and not had time to buff up his appearance. The picture they make speaks volumes for the time of year. Winter, still desperate to hang on, Spring so eager to arrive.

We have celebrated the re-birth of Spring for millennia and one of its customs is the giving and receiving of eggs. Eggs symbolize, fertility, birth, abundance, goodness. The promise of things to come.

Eggs are fundamental ingredients in any kitchen. They are a quick, easy meal, from soft boiled with buttered toast fingers, to eggs Florentine. We serve them as scrambled with smoked salmon or without, fried as part of our local produce breakfast, and made into beautiful omelettes, as a sandwich filling with cress and mayonnaise, in so many ways.

Eggs other function is as a binding agent, bringing together a community of ingredients to make cakes, puddings, pies sponges and custard.

My uncle kept chickens and one of the greatest pleasures of my younger life was to stay on their farm for as much of the summer holidays as they would put up with me. Nothing beats farm fresh eggs for breakfast, a pleasure I still remember.


So, wither you like your eggs made of chocolate, painted with bright colours, hidden in the garden,  made into golden pancakes, or Humpty Dumpty in an egg cup, make the most of eggs this Easter.

The sun might not have “got his hat on” but he’s remembered where he left it!

Our Winter Holiday Dates

We will be closed for our Winter Holiday from 15:00 on Saturday the 23rd December untill 08:00 on the 9th of January 2018.

We would like to wish our customers and visiters a very happy Christmas and a peacefull New Year.

Picnic Time

Towards the end of last week, the kitchen was preparing for one of our increasingly popular out side catering events. Large pieces of spicy Cajun chicken filled the air with their spicy aroma as they absorbed all the wonderful flavours prior to being cooked. Back bacon was given a coat of cloves, and glazed with sugar, then slow roasted. Cocktail meat balls formed ranks to complete the meats selected.

Fridges filled with salads, from our colourful Asian Slaw to puy lentil tabbouleh. Salad leaves, fresh and crisp arrived, were washed and arranged in beds of greens. It reminded me that August is the season of the first fruits harvest, a promise of things to come.

With all the preparation we didn’t get a glance out of the windows, so it came as a surprise to realise that the sparrows had departed for their grand picnic. They had taken themselves and their newly fledged offspring out into the fields to teach them how to glean the fallen ears of wheat. Their own great outside catering party

Pop in for a chat or give us a ring for all your next picnic requirements. It makes a great day out easy, from packed lunches to a family buffet.

Join Us

We have been operating from the Bishop Mascal Centre for nearly four months and our regular customers have found that not only to we always serve great coffee and teas, but that we offer a comfortable, clean light environment as well.  WI is available, the log in key at the top of the menu blackboard, and there is always the bonus of free parking, which users to the centre have the benefit of.

The building is over 150 years old so has had time to bed down in its situation. Against its grey stone walls and bordering the boundaries, gardens have been planted filled with mature shrubs and annuals. The sparrows love the hardy fuchsias that grow up round the windows. Their busy antics in amongst the flowers, are a pleasant accompaniment to the work going on in the kitchen.

Daily specials, weekly home delivery orders, prep for lunch, and of cause cakes, all prepared freshly with ingredients from local shops. People dropping in for lunch or a takeaway, the days are always different, but have a shape that I am beginning to recognise