Coronavirus Pea Green’s 1st Blog Response

The word medieval keeps coming to mind. The hush of the streets, the quietness of town. The few people abroad hurry purposefully to their pre set destination. Greetings are muted in the main, a grimace of a smile, an averted gaze. We are all at sea with the new etiquette required in these pestilence times.

The café is silent, cleaned, light, airy and empty of life. The new photo canvases, the updated magazines remain unseen. The planned for events, all cancelled. No more Good Greif Café, Speed Awareness Course, Ladies who do Yoga, Veterans walking club. The Dance Studio is hollow with the remembered noise of a Saturday morning session. For a while Phil the Gardner came, pruned, weeded, left.

While we are under the Coronavirus curfew, we will be focussing on serving our customers through our take away service “Supper Solutions“, a service for all those vulnerable category people who would benefit from this service. There are the over worked, stressed priority workers who at the moment just don’t have time to shop and cook, in addition to all those with special health needs who are sensibly staying home, “Supper Solutions” would really help.

All these developments coming pit pat one after the other, has as you may imagine kept us on out toes. We will be refining and expanding the services we offer to our local community with updates on menus and other take-out options via Facebook, twitter and more frequent blogs.

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We will stay in contactless communication with you for as long as the crisis continues.

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