Delivery & Cafe specials, and a little more history about the cafe.

A spicy selection of specials for this week, see below for the menu on offer in addition to our regular extensive menu. This is available for lunch and supper deliveries and for lunch service in the cafe. Weather looks a bit changeable this week so if you’re thinking of coming down for a meal remember you can book the Red Room for indoor dining as well as the beautiful garden area. If you’re looking for a relaxing place for refreshment, you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere more tranquil than our riverside terrace.

Continuing on from last week a bit more about the property
By 1695 milling operations had moved upstream leaving the site to be individually owned and used as dwelling by William Deverall who was a billeting officer for the victorious parliamentary army (probably not too popular in Royalist Ludlow).  He used the property to billet 5 wounded soldiers.  This is the earliest record of the site being used as lodgings.  This would be a common use for the property over the next 300 years, but not exclusively.  The layout of the floor plan of the main building is simple and consists basically of a room on either side of a centrally-placed entrance hall from which the stairs rise.  The doorway at the rear suggests a medieval layout.  The ground floor pattern is repeated on the first floor.

Our phone number is 07983 941856, to arrange a home delivery OR to reserve a table. You can order a delivery at any time, days in advance if you wish. The latest time to order for same day delivery of lunch is 11AM and supper 3PM. However sometimes we are fully booked by the cut off point so the earlier you let us know the better. The phone is available 8.30AM to 7.30PM

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