Give God a Laugh

I had it all planned out, what I was going to say, the things I wanted to share with you. But life happens, and on Tuesday afternoon my handbag was stolen. I liked my bag, I bought it a couple of years ago when we were in Gt Yarmouth visiting my Mother. It was nothing special, but I had personalized it. It had just the right amount of pockets and zipped compartments, and a Lego Wonder Woman which was the place setting at our daughters wedding hung jauntily from the zip.

My purse didn’t  contain much money and I only have one credit card so that was easy to sort out. But the bag did contain the work’s phone and my personal Mobile phone as well as all those bits and pieces that might come in useful such as hair brushes, meds, tissues, keys.

I didn’t realize how much I had come to rely on my phone. They are so much more now aren’t they? They are the address book we used to carry, so no contact details for my nearest and dearest, its a clock, lets me know what the weather is going to do, lets me read the news in my break time, and most evenings I would go to the “stellar sky map” to look up which stars and constellations I could see from my west facing window.

It is my dictionary and encyclopaedia, I’m always looking things up. But most importantly for me, its my camera. It has really enriched my daily life and I miss it.

How childish this sounds, my bag wasn’t snatched, I was never in any harm, yet I still feel a bit vulnerable. Who ever it was took it now knows quite a lot about me. Luckily not where I live. But changing the locks, ringing the bank, the National Trust to ask for replacement cards, RSPB ditto, all takes time. Not to mention the all important task of replacing my phone!

So, as the wonderful John Lennon once said, “if you want to give God  laugh, tell him your plans!”

Hopefully back to normal next week, what ever that is.


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