Have Faith

My walk into work takes me up Old Street, beginning out side of the old town walls. It’s a long hill and starts with a small meander. Above the climbing roof lines St Lawrence’s church tower dominates the sky. I then turn right under the brick arch which penetrates the Victorian houses, and begin to climb up the path which is known as Friars Walk. It seems to have sunk a little, it’s been in use a long time. One side offers views over the lower town and the other is crowned with trees and shrub.

I like to think of all the Friars that have used it in the past, padding up to their Friary in Galdeford. Faith is an old-fashioned concept now, in this age of science, reason and technology. But the good works that the friars did here and still do elsewhere has been continued by the Hereford diocese who now own the buildings on this historic site.

One of the traditions that has been continued is hospitality. Weary travellers in times gone by would stop at Friaries and monasteries for food and a night’s rest from the perils of the roads.

Times have changed and even when Storm Emma meets the beast from the east, travelling is far easier than it used to be. But Pea Green is here to offer good hot meals, a bowl of comforting soup and a refuge from the weather. Just like this part of the town has always done. A tradition we are proud to be a part of.


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