Here Comes The Sun

When the sun has been visible this week, it has had the grainy texture I associate with a Turner painting. Turner was producing his work at a time of scientific advancement, and one of the scientists he most admired was William Herschel, who revealed that the sun, rather than a disc, had a surface of “openings, shallows, ridges, nodules, corrugations, indentations and pores.” From then on Turner’s suns took on an almost three d quality, standing out from the rest of the painting by the thickness of the paint applied.

Likewise our own made savoury potato cakes stand out from the rest. They resemble the disc of the suns Turner created with their beautiful criss- cross layers and golden hue. Served with a fried egg and local bacon, they make a wonderfully cheering lunch.

Our honey cakes too are a reminder of summer afternoons spent in shady gardens, and served with an elegant Earl Grey tea in a china cup, perfect for a tea time treat. Our recipe for these won the first ever Ludlow Food Festival award for the best cake to be entered.

So, when the wind dies down and snow stops falling, pop along and warm yourself up.

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