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We have been operating from the Bishop Mascal Centre for nearly four months and our regular customers have found that not only to we always serve great coffee and teas, but that we offer a comfortable, clean light environment as well.  WI is available, the log in key at the top of the menu blackboard, and there is always the bonus of free parking, which users to the centre have the benefit of.

The building is over 150 years old so has had time to bed down in its situation. Against its grey stone walls and bordering the boundaries, gardens have been planted filled with mature shrubs and annuals. The sparrows love the hardy fuchsias that grow up round the windows. Their busy antics in amongst the flowers, are a pleasant accompaniment to the work going on in the kitchen.

Daily specials, weekly home delivery orders, prep for lunch, and of cause cakes, all prepared freshly with ingredients from local shops. People dropping in for lunch or a takeaway, the days are always different, but have a shape that I am beginning to recognise

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