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I still can’t get used to the fact that food has fashion trends too. Apparently last year it was kale, which I’m glad to say passed me by! It sounds so worthy, and allegedly, tastes a bit like rubber.

But this year, or for the moment anyway, its cauliflower that is in vogue. Now, the humble cauliflower has always been one of my favourite vegetables. I realise that it is one of the few vegetables I eat all the year round. I do try to eat in season and locally produced when ever possible. But I just enjoy its versatility. I love it as part of a traditional roast dinner, with lashings of gravy poured over it, a good contrast to crisp roast potatoes.

In the café we often use it for our daily specials, either cauliflower cheese with local butchers sausages, or as part of a Vegetable Mornay. Its delicious with a tomato sauce. It can be roasted whole with a spicy rub, made into curry, mashed with fish, and it a lovely soup ingredient. Someone told m that it’s the new alternative to rice too.

Winter seems to be hanging on, with another cold snap forecast. There is something pleasing about cauliflower’s creamy florets. as traditional as a vase of white carnations and as pleasing, a nourishing food for a grey afternoon.

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