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Food brings people together, any family will tell you that, and a café if it is a good one can do the same. Many things go into the mix of making people come back to use you time and again. Location is of paramount importance, and Ludlow is a fantastic destination, pulling visitors country and world-wide. We had an instance of this over the weekend, when a couple from Cumbria returned with friends. They had visited in the summer, used and enjoyed the venue and thought that they would share it with the friends. What better compliment could we have?

Poets from remote villages and hamlets, clinging to the wet wild hillsides, Clee Hill residents down from the snow line. People who used to attend the old school and are fascinated to see the buildings still in use. We get the occasional story of teachers they admired, lessons they enjoyed. One gentleman, a retired policeman, got a lucky guided tour of the building, enjoying seeing the assembly hall and where they had played in their break time.

With our connection to the Hereford Diocese, vicars from Hereford and Shropshire regularly meet for lunch, a break in their busy schedule. Tired shoppers pop in on their way home, in for a warm up, a welcome rest and coffee to get them home.

Coming across the car park to start work on these early February days, the sun is up over the trees lining Caynham Camp. Its rays shine in through the east facing windows, connecting us to the countryside in which the town is set.

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