Pea Green Cafe and Supper Solutions Specials, and some vaccine history.

Good Morning,
Greetings from the banks of the river Teme, where we have lovely food, refreshing drinks and a warm welcome for all. The Specials menu is below, if you would like a change from our extensive regular menu, and can be served in the riverside garden or brought to your house for lunch. Also available for home delivery as an evening meal. 

Over the last couple of weeks a number of our customers have told me that they have now had their second covid19 vaccine injections. This is good news as people feel more confident about mixing with other people and being able to get out and about again. I noticed that today April26th is the anniversary of the first mass testing of the polio vaccine in 1954. On April 12 1955 scientist Jonas Salk announced the first successful polio vaccine after 12 months testing. The vaccine was rapidly adopted around the world and in 1961 was developed in a liquid which made it even easier to administer. In the United States, a major outbreak of polio occurred in 1952. During that year, the disease infected around 57,000 people, killed over 3,000 and left some 20,000 with mild or debilitating paralysis.Today polio is extremely rare. In 2019 there were 175 cases of wild polio and 364 cases of vaccine-derived polio.

Our number is 07983 941856, to arrange a home delivery OR to reserve a table. You can order a delivery at any time, days in advance if you wish. The latest time to order same day delivery of lunch is 11AM and supper 3PM. However sometimes we are full by the cut off point so the earlier you let us know the better. The phone is available 8.30AM to 7.30PM.

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