Pea Green Cafe and Supper Solutions Specials, and Traditional Christmas Food

This week’s specials on the menu below. A real winter warmer for the darker, shorter days of late autumn. Let us bring you some warmth and deliciousness to your home for lunch or supper this week. Phone or text 07983 941 856 or email to order. Open from Tuesday through Saturday, order lunch by 11AM or supper by 3PM for same day delivery. If you want something to look forward to during lockdown2 you are very welcome to order days in advance. This also avoids dissapointment as we do fill up at peak times, and occasionally have to turn orders down!

I notice from the calendar that it is Christmas Day 6 weeks on Friday. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our seasonal foods are all under way, steeping and maturing ready for Christmas. There will be more details next week but just to let you know we are planning to offer all our products in small quantities. With the uncertainty surrounding large gatherings I expect there will be many people who are reluctant to buy large family amounts, but who would still like a taste of tradition. we will offer: Mincemeat by weight so if it’s a few hundred grammes you would like to make some mince pies rather than a large jar then that’s available. Individual Christmas Puddings, the smallest I usually see in the shops feed about 8 people! Christmas cake by the slice, so if it’s just for a few people you can buy without any wastage. We will also have a few other store cupboard items to make your catering at home over the festive period less time consuming.

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