Pea Green Cafe Supper Solution specials and England’s 1st cookery school

Hello and welcome to March. See menu below for details of our specials today. Delicious, nutritious, freshly prepared food delivered to your door at lunch time or in the evening. Just £7.50 for main courses and £9.95 with a pudding.

March 1st 1734 is the day that the earliest known cooking school in England was opened. It was was run by Edward Kidder (d. 1739) in various London locations during the later part of his life. And just as modern day TV chefs always have books to sell so did this pie maker turned teacher. According to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography “It is a valuable record of 170 standard English dishes of the day, accompanied by attractive designs for pie shapes and decorations. The first recipe for puff pastry to appear in print is Kidder’s”. As you can see from the image below it is engraved copper plate rather than moveable type production, so quite difficult to read to my modern eye. Then of course there’s the variation of the English language over 300 years.

Here is one of his receipts with a local connection (!)

Shrewsbury Cakes.
Take a pound of fresh butter a pound of double refind sugar sifted fine a little beaten mace & 4 eggs beat them all together with your hands till tis very leight & looks curdling you put thereto a pound & 1/2 of flower roul them out into little cakes

E. Kidders Receipts of Pastry and Cookery

The book can be viewed thanks to the wonder of the internet by visiting the Library of Congress and you can click here to download a pdf copy.
It has also been reworked and translated by a modern author and can be downloaded here

For lunchtime delivery phone before 11.00AM or supper delivery phone before 3.00PM. Also you can order in advance of the day you would like a delivery. The number to call is 07983 941856. If you’re connected to the answer phone when you call please leave a message and we WILL call you back

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