Pea Green Cafe Supper Solutions Specials

Hello, We have a delicious selection to tantalise your taste buds on our special menu today. Spicy potato cakes with EITHER handmade pork and apple pattie and fresh vegetable selection OR, for the non meat eaters, with cauliflower cheese and fresh veg. Our soup, served with a slice of local baker’s bread, is roasted vegetable. A smooth nourishing wholesome vegan soup.

We are serving these in the cafe for lunch, or as a delivery to your home for supper. We are open Tuesday to Saturday, serving a range of breakfasts and baps until 11.30 with lunch from 12 to 2 PM. A range of cakes and pastries, hot & cold drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Today, 11th January, is the 453rd anniversary of the first ever national state lottery. Organised to raise money for the repair of England’s harbours, tickets cost 10 shillings. The lottery was drawn by the Queen herself on the steps of St.Paul’s Cathedral in London before an enormous excited crowd. There is no surviving record naming the lucky winner. One of the great attractions of the lottery was the equivalent of a “get out of jail free” card. For a week, everybody who bought a ticket was immune from arrest for any committed crimes other than piracy, murder or treason. Read more about it here.

To reserve a table or order a delivery for home please phone us on 07983 941856. Also you can order in advance of the day you would like a delivery. If you’re connected to the answer phone when you call please leave a message and we WILL call you back

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