Pea Green Cafe & Supper Solutions Specials

Some delicious offerings to augment our regular extensive menu. See below for details. We serve these in our cafe for lunch, or in our riverside garden with its beautiful view of the river Teme or if you can’t make it here in person then we can deliver them to your home for lunch or supper. If you would like to come to us for lunch, I strongly recommend you phone us 1st to book a table, either in the garden or our new dining area inside (known as The Red Room). We are open for breakfast from 10AM and lunch is served from 12 to 2pm.

Here is a little bit of information about the space below our RED ROOM dining area
“The property in its earliest recorded history is part of the holdings of the Holdgate Manor in the vale of Corvedale. When the town of Ludlow came into existence this area was known as Holdgate Fee.  Unrecorded history would suggest that the earliest part of the developed site is the undercroft that was used as a guard post monitoring the old ford.  This may have been linked to the defence of the palace of Wild Edrick located near Overton. “The term undercroft as applied to underground or semi-underground chambers was usually thought of in terms of stone medieval vaulted enclosures, but is now used more freely although still in a medieval context”. (M. Moran 2003) The undercroft is totally underground, not vaulted but very spacious and the quality of the stonework suggests that it pre-dates the upper structure perhaps by as much as 800 years.  The stones, particularly in the lower levels, have been carefully chosen and dressed to be laid in courses”

Our phone number is 07983 941856, to arrange a home delivery OR to reserve a table. You can order a delivery at any time, days in advance if you wish. The latest time to order for same day delivery of lunch is 11AM and supper 3PM. However sometimes we are fully booked by the cut off point so the earlier you let us know the better. The phone is available 8.30AM to 7.30PM

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