Pea Green Cafe Supper Solutions Specials

Well what a week that was. Hope you have survived the extreme heat that seemed to take over everyone’s thoughts, actions and behaviours last week. One of the great things about our Red Room dining area is that it faces north and is encased in solid brick and stone walls. It remains relatively cool even in the high summer, so if it’s tranquility and cool you are looking for, we have it here. Indoors or out. 
This week’s special menu is below, tasty, fresh, unique and highly recommended. This is of course in addition to our regular extensive men. Home delivery, eat in the cafe or on the beautiful riverside terrace, described here:

The location is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest where it forms the South-Eastern corner stone of the Conservation Area of the historic market town of Ludlow.  When looking at the river Teme from the Tea Garden of the Pea Green Cafe; what one  sees today is not so much the natural river, but rather a millpond caused by the Casemill weir downstream. The river, in the summer months, would naturally be approximately 60cm deep. It is deeper than that now due to river dredging carried out in the late sixties.  In the 1960s a storm drain was installed on the site to alleviate pressure and flooding at the plant in Steventon. During the installation, Roman Engineering work was discovered that made up the landing point of the Ford.  The river Teme was forded here to take advantage of a natural slope on the opposite bank that would allow cattle and carts access to the Hogs back of land that forks one way to Wigmore with the other fork leading to Leominster and on to Kington.  Kington is significant to the site as it is the oldest known Celtic Royal Court in England.  This main North South route would have used the ford as the most convenient crossing point of the Teme and was probably well established long before the Romans conquered Britain in 45 A.D.  This early history has a bearing on the property, as the site was developed to exploit the typology geology.  The ford dictated the layout of Old Street, as can be seen from the driveway of the Pea Green Cafe.  A Saxon boathouse was located next door which would have been needed for large parts of the year when the river levels rose. The normal level of the River in average weather conditions is between 0.92m and 1.33m.

Our phone number is 07983 941856, to arrange a home delivery OR to reserve a table. You can order a delivery at any time, days in advance if you wish. The latest time to order for same day delivery of lunch is 11AM and supper 3PM. However sometimes we are fully booked by the cut off point so the earlier you let us know the better. The phone is available 8.30AM to 7.30PM

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