Pea Green Cafe & Supper Solutions specials. And a riot about hats.

To tantalise and excite your taste buds, and to sate your appetites this week we bring you two delicious hand made meals. See below for details. We are serving these in the cafe for lunch from 12 to 2 PM, or to deliver to you at home for an evening meal.  We open the cafe Tuesday to Saturday and serve breakfasts until 11.30AM, delicious hot & cold drinks, fresh pastries and cakes are available throughout the day.

While looking at past events on this day through history the following item about hats 99 years ago caught my eye as being… Well, odd!

The Straw Hat Riot of 1922 was a riot that occurred in New York City. Originating as a series of minor riots, it spread due to men wearing straw hats past the unofficial date that was deemed socially acceptable, September 15. It lasted eight days, leading to many arrests and some injuries.

Straw hats had appeared in the 19th century as summertime wear. Initially it was not considered good form for men to wear these in big cities. By the early 20th century, straw boaters were considered acceptable day attire in North American cities at the height of summer even for businessmen, but there was an unwritten rule that one was not supposed to wear a straw hat past September 15 (which was known as “Felt Hat Day”
It was socially acceptable for stockbrokers to destroy each other’s hats, due to the fact that they were “companions”, but it was not acceptable for total strangers. If any man was seen wearing a straw hat, he was, at minimum, subjecting himself to ridicule, and it was a tradition for youths to knock straw hats off of wearers’ heads and stomp on them. This tradition became well established, and newspapers of the day would often warn people of the impending approach of the fifteenth, when men would have to switch to felt or silk hats. Hat bashing was only socially acceptable after September 15, but there were multiple occasions leading up to this date where the police had to intervene and stop teenagers. 
The riot itself began on September 13, 1922, two days before the supposed unspoken date, when a group of youths decided to get an early jump on the tradition. The more innocuous stomping turned into a brawl when the youths tried to stomp a group of dock workers’ hats, and the dock workers fought back. The brawl soon stopped traffic on the Manhattan Bridge and was eventually broken up by police, leading to some arrests.
Although the initial brawl was broken up by police, the fights continued to escalate the next evening. Gangs of teenagers prowled the streets wielding large sticks, sometimes with a nail driven through the top, looking for pedestrians wearing straw hats and beating those who resisted. Several men were hospitalized from the beatings they received after resisting having their hats taken, and many arrests were made. Police were slow to respond to the riots, although several off-duty police officers found themselves caught up in the brawl when rioters attempted to snatch their hats”


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