Pea Green Coronavirus Response No 2

Friar’s Walk in Spring Sunshine

What a strange week it has been. The town so quiet, the streets deserted, unless you were in one of the enormous, serpentine queues for food or medicine. All of us standing the regulation six feet apart, all anxious, all wondering if the shop would have run out of stock before we reach its doors.

The lane to the café has been sunk into a dreamy sleep. With bees loud in the hedges and blue and white for-get-me-nots speckling the banks. No sound of children playing, no traffic at either end. The one woman I pass backing into the wall with her dog to let me pass. We exchange greetings and commiserations from a safe distance, relieved to be polite and friendly in what can appear a friendless time.

We have used the cool and silent streets of early evening to begin posting our new Supper Solutions Menus through doors, which is beginning to have results. The only living beings in Mill Street were a pair of mallards who politely got out of the way and waddled off towards the Art Gallery. Obviously cultured ducks.

We are all learning to adapt to a new way of living, reaching out through different means for the important, necessary things we need. Hopefully our new delivery slots will go a little way to helping customers plan their weekly needs.

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