Picnic Time

Towards the end of last week, the kitchen was preparing for one of our increasingly popular out side catering events. Large pieces of spicy Cajun chicken filled the air with their spicy aroma as they absorbed all the wonderful flavours prior to being cooked. Back bacon was given a coat of cloves, and glazed with sugar, then slow roasted. Cocktail meat balls formed ranks to complete the meats selected.

Fridges filled with salads, from our colourful Asian Slaw to puy lentil tabbouleh. Salad leaves, fresh and crisp arrived, were washed and arranged in beds of greens. It reminded me that August is the season of the first fruits harvest, a promise of things to come.

With all the preparation we didn’t get a glance out of the windows, so it came as a surprise to realise that the sparrows had departed for their grand picnic. They had taken themselves and their newly fledged offspring out into the fields to teach them how to glean the fallen ears of wheat. Their own great outside catering party

Pop in for a chat or give us a ring for all your next picnic requirements. It makes a great day out easy, from packed lunches to a family buffet.

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