Specials Pea Green Cafe & Supper Solutions

May is upon us, even though the weather might be a bit more associated with autumn gales! Below you’ll find a copy of this week’s special menu. Available for home delivery for lunch or supper, or to eat in our garden cafe for lunch.

May 4th was the date that Thomas Eddisons phonograph was first shown or, more probably, heard at a public event, The Grand Opera house in 1878. His device used tin foil to make recordings, and could only be used a few times before they wore out. Alexander Graham Bell later made an improved machine in 1880 using wax cylinders which had a much longer life and could be used many more times. We take recordings so much for granted today I can only imagine what a suprise it must have been to hear spoken words or music coming from a machine for the 1st time.

Our number is 07983 941856, to arrange a home delivery OR to reserve a table. You can order a delivery at any time, days in advance if you wish. The latest time to order same day delivery of lunch is 11AM and supper 3PM. However sometimes we are full by the cut off point so the earlier you let us know the better. The phone is available 8.30AM to 7.30PM

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