Supper Solutions Special Menu and A Notable Birthday

What a lovely spring morning we have today here in Ludlow central! Splashes of colour popping up in gardens and blossoms budding on the trees, forecast not quite so good however; suggest you stay home and order in a delivery! I’m pleased to bring you our delicious specials to supplement our regular menu. Unique recipe meals freshly cooked and delivered to your door. See below for details. 

March 9th is the birthday of one William Cobbett, born in Surrey in 1763. He had an extraordinarily full life, served 5 years as a soldier in the British army in America. Self exiled to France and America, after critisising the low pay and harsh tratment of regular soldiers and fearing arrest for publisising his findings. He founded the forerunner of Hansard, the parliamentary official records, imprisoned for libel for objecting to flogging of militiamen, was elected to parliament as an MP. And so much more besides. He’s best known for his writings as a pamphleteer and his most famous book “Rural Rides” is still in print 199 years after publication.  Thanks to the Gutenberg project you can read a copy or download for free, here’s an extract about his visit to Shrewsbury

I cannot quit Shrewsbury without expressing the great satisfaction that I derived from my visit to that place. …. I saw not one single person in the place that I had ever seen before; yet I never had more cordial shakes by the hand; in proportion to their numbers, not more at Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Halifax, Leeds, or Nottingham, or even Hull. I was particularly pleased with the conduct of the young gentlemen at Shrewsbury

William Cobbett Rural Rides

For lunchtime delivery phone before 11.00AM or supper delivery phone before 3.00PM. Also you can order in advance of the day you would like a delivery. The number to call is 07983 941856. If you’re connected to the answer phone when you call please leave a message and we WILL call you back

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