Supper Solutions Specials from Pea Green Cafe

Delicious delightful delectable offerings for this weeks Pea Green Cafe and Supper solutions delivery specials. See menu below. Available to eat in the cafe for lunch. Or at your home delivered for lunch or supper. We open Tuesday to Saturday and serve breakfast until 11.30 AM. Lunch is servde from 12noon to 2pm.

Looking through historical events on this day, I found that on the 9th August 1173 the foundations of the leaning tower of Pisa were laid. The construction began to sink as the 3rd floor was built, due to the 3 metre foundations being laid in weak unstable subsoil. Construction was subsequently halted for almost a century, as the Republic of Pisa was almost continually engaged in battles with Genoa, Lucca, and Florence. This allowed time for the underlying soil to settle. Otherwise, the tower would almost certainly have toppled . Construction restarted in 1264. In an effort to compensate for the tilt, the engineers built upper floors with one side taller than the other. Because of this, the tower is curved. The seventh floor was completed in 1319. The bell-chamber was finally added in 1372, one hundred and ninety nine years after the foundations

For lunchtime delivery phone before 11.00AM or supper delivery phone before 3.00PM. Also you can order in advance of the day you would like a delivery. The number to call is 07983 941856. If you’re connected to the answer phone when you call please leave a message and we WILL call you back

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