Sure as Eggs


In marble halls as white as milk, lined with a skin as soft as silk.
Within a fountain crystal clear, a golden apple doth appear.
No doors are there to this stronghold, yet thieves break in and steal the gold.
(Old English Riddle)


There is a very scruffy blue tit, peering into the café, swinging nonchalantly from a rose stem containing a few withers hips from last autumn. He is very busy and not had time to buff up his appearance. The picture they make speaks volumes for the time of year. Winter, still desperate to hang on, Spring so eager to arrive.

We have celebrated the re-birth of Spring for millennia and one of its customs is the giving and receiving of eggs. Eggs symbolize, fertility, birth, abundance, goodness. The promise of things to come.

Eggs are fundamental ingredients in any kitchen. They are a quick, easy meal, from soft boiled with buttered toast fingers, to eggs Florentine. We serve them as scrambled with smoked salmon or without, fried as part of our local produce breakfast, and made into beautiful omelettes, as a sandwich filling with cress and mayonnaise, in so many ways.

Eggs other function is as a binding agent, bringing together a community of ingredients to make cakes, puddings, pies sponges and custard.

My uncle kept chickens and one of the greatest pleasures of my younger life was to stay on their farm for as much of the summer holidays as they would put up with me. Nothing beats farm fresh eggs for breakfast, a pleasure I still remember.


So, wither you like your eggs made of chocolate, painted with bright colours, hidden in the garden,  made into golden pancakes, or Humpty Dumpty in an egg cup, make the most of eggs this Easter.

The sun might not have “got his hat on” but he’s remembered where he left it!

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