Sweets for my Sweet

Sweets for my Sweet

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” Proverbs 16:24

It’s the vernal equinox, the sun has decided to shine, lighting up the café and sending shadows chasing up the walls.

I am beating a sponge mixture to make a batch of our honey cakes and thinking about all the words we use which are inspired by this almost magical substance. I am “waxing” lyrical. We have honey moons. We use honey as a term of endearment People can be honey tongued. Poets tells us that mystics feed on honeydew. Martin’s nests honeycomb a river bank. Honey describes a colour, a taste, a scent.

It’s use in beauty treatment and its many health benefits have been known for millennia. And of cause it is widely used in cooking. Local honey is the best to use, and easily sells for £6.00 a jar. Sometimes it is dark with the flowers of chestnuts, sometimes golden with wild flowers, or almost orange with blossom.

We use honey in several of our dishes. It helps to sweeten our Asian Slaw dressing, a wonderful salad, complementing fresh green leaves. A bit different from the classic coleslaw. It binds together chopped walnuts, which are layered with delicate sheets of filo pastry to become our Baklavas, very poplar with a morning cup of coffee. It infuses the honey cupcakes we make and is just now perfuming the kitchen as they cook and rise in the oven.

We are all aware that bees are under threat. I cannot and do not want to imagine a world with out them. They are the sound of summer, our propagators, their busy lives enhance our own and we should treasure them. My name, Deborah, means “busy bee” in Hebrew and I hope to be just that in our community café. Come in and feel the buzz!

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