The Advice Is Clear…

So, over the weekend the government have received critisism for failure to give clear advice about what we should be doing now to reduce our risks to the coronavirus. We would like to give you some very clear advice: Order one of our specials from the safety and comfort of your own home and let us bring it to you!

A choice of Marches Pork Casserole or Pasta and Sweet Pepper Sauce. All our dishes, including these specials, are cooked from scratch using local ingredients and our own unique recipes, they are served hot and ready to eat. Delicious and nutritious why not order one today?

For lunchtime delivery phone before 11.00AM or supper delivery phone before 3.00PM, the number to call is 07983 941856. If you’re connected to the answer phone when you call please leave a message and we WILL call you back

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