Today’s Specials and the anniversary of an old library.

Hello,We bring you some delicious, warming, hearty, specials today see menu below for details. We can deliver these to you at home for an evening meal or serve them in our cafe or The Red Room for lunch. For the hardier amongst you our riverside patio and garden is open if you would like to enjoy the tranquility and unique view of the river Teme.

Back in the 17th century the 8th November was the date that the Bodleian library was established. Its founder Sir Thomas Bodley wrote to the chancellor of the university

“where there hath bin hertofore a publike library in Oxford: which you know is apparent by the rome it self remayning, and by your statute records I will take the charge and cost upon me, to reduce it again to his former use.”

The library was formally re-opened on 8 November 1602 under the name “Bodleian Library” (officially Bodley’s Library). There were around two thousand books in the library at this time, with an ornate Benefactor’s Register displayed prominently, to encourage donations. Early benefactors were motivated by the recent memory of the Reformation to donate books in the hopes that they would be kept safe.

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