What to Eat in the Heat

It’s beginning to sound like one of those duty postcards we send home from our holiday destination, when really all we want to be doing is be out enjoying ourselves; “weather fine and hot, wish you were here.”  Mild sniggers indulged in by customers who haven’t booked a summer break abroad! (what a waste of money!)

Standing under the chestnut tree Saturday afternoon, the grass had been mown and left in stripes to dry up on Gallows bank and a tree creeper with his cream speckled waistcoat hung upside down in the branches above me.

What we are going to have for supper is a question that seems to take up more of my time than I’d like it to. As with most working people, the thought of getting home and preparing a meal is sometimes a chore rather than a pleasure. When we have time, preparing a menu, buying the food and its preparation are life affirming tasks that engage all our senses. But some nights as the light lingers above the roofs, I for one want something quick and nutritious.

Supper Solutions provides a number of options from our heat and eat range. You could have world famous spicy meatballs in our own made tomato sauce over pasta with a fresh green salad, or tomato and aubergine with rice or garlic bread. How about one of our casseroles with new potatoes, or a salad of leaves, lemon and salmon? You could always find out what our specials are this week by giving us a ring. Order before 5 o’clock and we deliver free in the SY8 code up till 7’clock.
When its as hot as this, who wants to spend more time in the kitchen than you have too? Sit in the cool of the evening and enjoy one of our delicious dishes instead.



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